Matrioshka #M

TYPE Design, production

STATUS Completed

DATE  2018

LOCATION Montréal, Lille, Paris




Travelling Matrioshka

The M model is the latest addition to the Matrioshka family which was first prototyped in Montreal in 2016. In 2018, at the request of Maker Faire, we optimized its design in order to use CNC milling to edit all of its components. The objective was to produce an object that can be easily assembled, disassembled and that is transportable. The result is a small Matrioshka that can be assembled in 10 minutes, deploying photovoltaic panels, tables and USB sockets. Once folded up, it fits in a container of less than 1m3. 


Licence Creative Commons Ce(tte) œuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

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