Matrioshka #L

TYPE Design, production

STATUS Completed

DATE  2014-2019

LOCATION Ile de France (Greater Paris Region)

PARTNERS City of Paris, Urban Lab, Esme Sudria, Station F, Semapa, Cap Digital

FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS Ile de France Region, Public Investment Bank, Ateliers de Paris, la fabrique Aviva



Through its size, use and design, Matrioshka aims to raise public awareness surrounding the efficiency of micro-energy production, a major issue in the renewal of production methods. By dividing production and favouring local supplies, it reduces energy dependency. Matrioshka is designed to be replicated and integrated in various urban contexts, thus contributing, in its own way, to the transition towards a more sustainable world. Resulting from research and development work on a range of innovative urban furniture initiated in 2014, several models and versions have been created in Quatorze’s workshop. The second version (V2) of the L model is equipped with a sunshade to increase comfort, particularly when installed in hotter urban climates.


Licence Creative Commons Ce(tte) œuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

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