The Pixelis Cabin

TYPE Project management, Production

STATUS Completed

DATE  January 2019


PARTNERS Boussereau Charpentes, DAT Pangea




The Pixelis agency moved into the former Radio Nova premises in the heart of Paris at the beginning of 2019. In search of a strong identity for their office space, Pixelis asked us to design and build the two key pieces of their layout: two interior cabins dedicated to co-working and receiving guests. Quatorze proposed to build the Pixelis cabins as IMBY prototypes, allowing the team to develop a unique construction method, resulting from internal research on digital milling techniques. The team used a traditional Japanese structural principle which uses embedding to the millimeter and makes it easier to lift the structure’s frame especially for participatory worksites. A second objective was also evident: to make these small cabins zero waste. The sliding doors were constructed from offcuts of wood panelling resulting from cutting the gantries and the roof was made from the milled panel offcuts used for the desks. Pixelis and Quatorze won the Grand Prix Stratégies de la communication d’engagement 2020 for their office design project. A partnership with Pixelis is in the works in order to develop the communication strategy for the IMBY project.

Poster réalisé par l'agence Pixelis avec les dessins de Quatorze

Licence Creative Commons Ce(tte) œuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

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