IMBY# Concept

TYPE Hébergement Citizen Accommodation / “From Border To Home” Competition – Museum of Finnish Architecture

STATUS In Progress

DATE  December 2015 > ongoing

LOCATION Variable (Ile-de-France, Finland)


FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS  Délégation Interministérielle à l’Hébergement et à l’Accès au Logement (Interministerial Delegation for Accommodation and Access to Housing)



In My BackYard: Constructive Hospitality

The idea: to build tiny houses in the gardens of private homes to accommodate refugees. At the urban level, the project contributes to the fight against the sprawl that feeds exclusion on the outskirts of cities. Above all, it enables refugees who have just obtained their status to find a foothold at a time in their journey when they have no support. They create a link with a family, benefit from accommodation until they find a permanent home, and are accompanied by our partner for social follow-up.

Honourable mention in the competition “From Border to Home” of the Museum of Finnish Architecture in 2016, then presented at the Venice Biennale the same year, and finally prototyped for the exhibition “Cap sur la COP22” on the banks of the Seine, IMBY has had an encouraging start.


Temporary habitats for social and spatial integration

The project is now expanding in the Ile-de-France region and is looking for volunteer gardens to set up tiny-houses. Several families have already embarked on the adventure. For example, Charlotte and Dominique have been welcoming refugees since November 2017. This first installation allowed them to transform a plot into accommodation for people who have just obtained their refugee status.

I'm interested in this project!

The principle speaks to you and you wish to lend a hand?

More information on the In My BackYard website.


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