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type Project management and co-design

STATUS Ongoing

DATE 2018-2019





A Participatory Worksite and Co-design Workshop

In preparation for the major redevelopment of their offices, l’Association des Collectifs Enfants Parents Professionnels Région Ile-de-France (ACEPPRIF), called on Quatorze to co-design the layout of the space.  In 2018, the team first carried out an insulation and window replacement project in order to provide comfort inside of the rather poorly insulated building.


In December, Quatorze organized a co-design training workshop that consisted of understanding the current and future uses of the ACEPPRIF offices in order to jointly establish the foundation of the development project which was created from the concept of “users as experts”. It refers to the fact that the user is a resource by way of being an expert in his or her own experiences. It also allows the given project to be adapted to existing uses and needs in an inclusive way. This is one of the core pillars that drives Quatorze’s work. The team has an especially important role in empowering users throughout the entire process – from design, to project management and development, to construction.


The team proposed four exercises in order to create a discussion among participants with different uses, problems, and habits within the space. This led to a better understanding of the potential of the training centre and collective workspace. Sharing each stage of the process allowed each actor to take a step back and facilitate the emergence of a new project based on a process of shared intelligence.


At the end of 2019, based on the results of the workshops, the project entered a new phase of financial development to carry out the overall restructuring of the site.


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